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Our Mission

A1 - Florists members will endeavor to exceed your expectations on all floral orders entrusted to them by the consumer.

Who are we?
  • A1 Florists is an internet listing of retail florists serving cities and areas surrounding their shops
  • All flower shops are full service flower shops
  • All flower shops are independently owned and operated
  • All flower shops are member of at least 1 flowers by wire service
  • All flower shops deliver in their local areas
  • All flower shops fill orders to their full value
  • All flower shops can look after orders for anywhere in Canada

What we are not!
  • We are not Order collectors just sitting in a high rise office complex or basement apartment collecting a commission for every order they transfer to the delivering florist and charging the consumer a service charge for doing some paper work.
    We are not Part time florists or hobbyists. All flower shops in our listings are professionals and have store fronts at the address listed on their web site and are open normal business hours 6 days a week.

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